Many teams employ us to coach their new intake for the upcoming season, to help the players become comfortable with the ball in a hassle free environment, which aids their development using our unique training syllabus.


For more information & prices contact Mark on: 07917 130177 or e:mail me on:                        



1-2-1 SESSION:


We can cover one on one sessions to help players feel comfortable with the ball and have the confidence to make decisions for themselves as well as helping them maintain there conditioning through-out the season.





We will design your Pre-season training programmes for you so the programme is just designed for your team, you have two options with this:


Option 1  We design for you to train as simple as that.


Option 2  We design and we supply one of our highly qualified coaches to take your Pre-Season.


For prices on this service call-07917-130177.





You can hire us for a day a weekend or even a whole week to come to your club and coach your coaches showing them some of our ideas and training to help them develop there own players, this is a fantastic way for them to learn they will take notes ask questions and join in to make sure they understand the different levels of intensity that is required.  This makes the coaches understand how difficult it is for the players and it helps them to explain to the players what it required from them.







This is a unique offer as this saves every club time and money, basically your club would hire us for the pre-season or however long they require us for, and we will take care of the Physical/Technical Coaching, which we have seen all over Europe and as far as Brasil, we have worked very closely with a highly experienced Conditioning/Technical (Physical/Technical) Coach for the last 8 years and who currently works with the Austrian National Team.


We will visit any club in any country so please feel free to contact me with regards to more information on 07917-130177 or



The English game is based on linear running. A lot of the South Americans and European sides conditioning, is based on short, sharp, explosive movements, repeated over and over again, with or without a ball. This is the big difference and I have seen the difference from the English clubs I have seen and from the sides I have had the opportunity to experience first hand whilst on training courses, this is something that I strongly believe in as I have seen a superb development in the players I coach, especially those who I coach long term.




My main influence and good friend is a highly respected professional Physical/Technical coach, Roger Spry (pictured below). I meet regularly with Roger, learn from him and then take that knowledge and incorporate it into my training sessions. Roger is a top UEFA consultant with a very impressive CV, I have been trained and specialise in conditioning methods that give players maximum performance on the pitch, and fine tune their technical ability.                    

Roger Spry.         


Please remember that fun is a must at any level it doesn't matter if it is kids or at a professional level, if they don't enjoy the training how do you expect them to be able to compete during a match.


The three things that I bring to my coaching whatever level (even International), FUN, QUALITY, CONCENTRATION, in return I would expect the players to adapt the same thing (Fun), to have Quality (Not Quantity) touches, and to Focus (concentrate), always expect the unexpected.