Our Academy is by invite only and is aimed at the serious player who wishes to continue their personal development.


During our training sessions one of the training Programme's we use is called the Maximum Performance this training encourages through a series of drills, movements and applications, the participant to explore the imagination and creative side of their being, And is used by many professional clubs throughout the World.


The balancing of the training is of fundamental importance in the needs of the modern player, a strong body and a strong mind. The need for creativity, that spark of genius, that unexpected movement, can and does upset the most sophisticated team systems, tactics, and organisation. So alongside the tactical/technical and physical drills, creative and reactive drills are given the same emphasis. We train the creative side of the brain equally as much as the logical side, creativity does not just happen it is trained for and can be greatly strengthened and improved. As one trains the body to get stronger through the overload principal then that very same rule applies to the mind, and through a series of progressive drills that continually make the mind and body we expand the creative juices and they start flowing. 




Prittlewell Chase





Every Friday




Under 7/8/9/10: 1800-1900


Under 11/13's & 13's: 1900-2100


Under 14/15's: 1900-2100



A monthly fee is required.


If you would like to attend then please contact Mark Hunter on 07917-130177.